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We have over a decade of advanced clinical experience in developing cutting edge treatments and achieving remarkable results for our clients. At Spark, you can maintain your youthful vitality for as long as you like. Book a Free consultation online or call us at 212.245.0940

Every skin type has its own beauty, let Spark help you uncover yours.

Skincare has come a long way in the last ten years. Part of the greatest advancements has been in understanding the the incredible strengths and unique challenges associated with each skin type and tone.

At Spark, you will find the experts that make all the difference in caring for ethnically diverse skin. We understand the inherent challenges associated with each cultures’ inherited DNA, as well as the remarkable benefits each ethnicity can enjoy when their skin is treated appropriately.

If you are tired of the spas and physicians that treat your skin like everyone elses, then Spark is the place for you. Our personalized, individual approach to skincare coupled with our extensive clinical expertise will bring out the best of your exquisitely unique, incomprabable beauty.

Skincare Tailored To Your Ethnicity

We’re all comprised of wonderful diversity, its time your skincare caught up.

Beautiful Colors of The World

Revel in your cultural distinctiveness and see your beauty revealed like never before.

Bring Your Skin To a Whole

New Level of Beautiful

Beautiful Colors of The World Facial TM

At Spark, we are among the most highly respected experts in the care of all ethnic skin types. Our Beautiful Colors of The World Facial is custom designed to address the particular needs of your skin type and tone. During your treatment we address pigmentation irregularities, skin discolorations, and textural unevenness.

Discover the difference it makes when your skin is meticulously attended to by professionals who are experts in the science of skincare. Emerge from your treatment thoroughly rejuvenated and feeling utterly beautiful.

60 minutes / $ 295

Sparks Platinum Hydrafacial - Culturally Tailored for Her & Him

The Hydrafacial’s patented, vortex technology has been hailed as the most transformative facial available today. At Spark, we take this technology to an utterly elevated level with proprietary protocols and divinely inspired healing touch.

Our approach is always customized, and individualized to each person. We are the ultimate experts when it comes to caring for skin of all diversities. Experience the difference it makes when expertise is combined with intimate knowledge of your skin’s particular needs.

75 minutes / $ 400

Red Carpet Facial

Experience the facial that has taken celebrities by storm and ushered in a new era of beauty for a big event or night out.

At Spark, we add our unique brand of magic to the mix, and tailor this treatment to the unique qualities of each skin type. Book this treatment before your next party or anytime you want to look and feel absolutely glorious.

45 minutes / $ 295

Glow Xtreme Moisture Facial TM

Have you ever noticed that your skin looks better on some days than on others? You’re not alone. Skin cells shed unevenly, leaving skin looking dull and lackluster. Facials are part of good skin hygiene, and Spark’s Glow Xtreme Moisture Facial is one of the best treatments you can experience to keep your skin looking beautiful. Glow Xtreme decongests the skin, revealing new, and healthier skin cells. Luxuriant, pharmaceutical-grade serums work deep below the surface of the skin to restore moisture, and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming.

Emerge from your treatment with glowing, radiant skin.

60 minutes / $ 295

Spice Things Up

Advanced therapies that add a new dimension to looking your best.

Microneedling and The Skin Perfecting Facial

Microneedling remains a powerhouse in the skin perfecting arena. It’s touted for its incredible ability to prevent and reverse the skins of age. Working in the deeper layers, Microneedling helps to refine textural irregularities and reverse pigmentation variations brought about by sun-damage, aging, and skin traumas.

At Spark, we take this therapy beyond the results achieved at typical spas and medical practices.

Your treatment begins with a thorough and relaxing cleansing of the area being treated. A numbing cream is then applied, and allowed 30 minutes to take effect.

Once your skin is numbed, your aesthetician will apply a new, sterilized needle head to the tip of the microneedling instrument. The needle depth and thickness are carefully selected to ensure the most desired results.

Your skin will bleed during the treatment as the needles produce micro-wounds on the surface of your skin. A sterilized, gauze pad is used to clean the skin throughout your treatment. Specially formulated serums are also applied to deeply purify, and hydrate your skin.

Following treatment, your skin will be red for a few days. The micro-wounds are invisible and clients typically return to work and resume their regular activities the same day.

The full results of your treatment are seen within 3-5 weeks as new collagen and elastin are formed, and healthier skin cells emerge.

60 minutes / $ 595

The VI Peel Anti-Aging, and Skin Clarifying Treatment

The VI Peel is the most powerful epidermal peel available today for the regeneration of skin cells. With your peel, multiple layers of damaged and dead skin will be shed at a rapidly accelerated rate. As the dermis moves into high gear millions of new and healthier skin cells will come to life. Bringing with them a complete and highly prized rejuvenation.

Renowned and remarkable, the results of your VI Peel treatment will add a whole new dimension to looking and feeling your best, and offer you a new definition of what it means to love the skin your in.

45 minutes / $ 450

So Much More

Spark offers a wide variety of advanced treatments tailored to your skins unique needs. Enjoy special packages and special skin care program savings.

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