Best Microneedling NYC

Best Microneedling NYC

Preparing for Your Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling has become a favorite amongst countless patients and clients all across New York City and beyond. While they might not be a huge fan of things at first, the fact is once patients see the amazing results they can achieve using this highly effective method of facial rejuvenation, they are hooked! According to the team at Spark Laser Center, considered by many to be the best medical spa NYC, using microneedling NYC patients can alleviate issues including wrinkles and fine lines, dry skin, hyperpigmentation issues, and much more. The versatility of microneedling is truly what sets it apart from other treatments and why it has become a favorite of so many patients. But it’s important to know that like any other aesthetic enhancement method, microneedling takes some preparation work in order to maximize your results and ensure the best possible outcome.

Sunlight, UV Rays and Tanning  

As with any other form of skin rejuvenation NYC patients are reminded that prior to their microneedling treatments it’s always best to avoid overexposure to sunlight and UV rays – whether that might be from tanning beds or other areas.

Other Cosmetic Treatments

This is one of the most important things to understand about microneedling treatments and something that everyone needs to figure out. But when it comes to other aesthetic enhancement treatments and microneedling they may not always mesh well together, so make sure to be mindful of these things! Especially considering that Spark offers laser resurfacing NYC patients are often reminded to avoid taking on these types of treatments so close to having microneedling done as it will only cause excess inflammation and damage to the skin. You should avoid things like electrolysis, laser hair removal, wax treatments or using any kind of hair removal creams for at least a week or two before your appointment. While you can get away with shaving some body hair in the days before the procedure – it’s usually best to make sure its at least 48 to 72 hours prior to your actual session to prevent any skin issues and abrasions from occurring. In addition, you may want to avoid exfoliants and different things like retinols as they can also cause issues to occur within your skin.

Diet & Lifestyle

You may not realize it, but before microneedling or any other type of skincare treatment the things you eat and the habits you take on can often have an effect. You must remember, the skin is the largest organ in your body and therefore it will take cues from your overall diet and lifestyle habits. If you eat healthy and maintain healthy habits before your microneedling treatment, you will experience the best results and your skin will react the best. This is important to understand as microneedling relies heavily on the body’s natural ability to heal itself and as a result, if your body is deficient in certain areas or vital nutrients and minerals and vitamins are missing, your body may not react as well to the microneedling treatment as it otherwise would. The same goes for if you have been partying a lot recently, or not getting enough sleep and rest and allowing your body to heal itself.

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