Hydrafacial New York

Hydrafacial New York

2 Popular Skincare Treatments to Try Today: Hydrafacial Versus Microneedling

At Spark Laser Center, while they are known for having some of the best laser hair removal NYC has to offer, they also offer a wide variety of different skincare treatment methods, and have one of the most experienced spa staffs across the city! And with so many different options, it can be difficult to figure out which method is right for you. But two of the most talked about skincare treatment methods today are definitely microneedling and the Hydrafacial treatment. As the best medical spa NYC has to offer, the providers at Spark recommend these methods to all types of patients, with a wide variety of different needs and skin issues. In this article, we will go through the basics of these two popular methods, and investigate what made them so popular to begin with.

The Hydrafacial Treatment  

When it comes to the Hydrafacial NYC patients have become enamored by this highly effective and innovative procedure! The hydrafacial procedure is a non-invasive method that uses a specialized suction device to remove debris from your clogged pores, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin all in one 3-in-1 method! One of the best parts of the Hydrafacial is the infusion method that follows the initial exfoliation. The infusion works using a number of different serums – which are applied to the unclogged pores.

Many patients liken the Hydrafacial to a high powered facial treatment that provides infinitely more exfoliation than a traditional manual exfoliation method like dermaplaning or even a chemical peel. Once the skin has undergone exfoliation and serums are applied, it gives the skin a boost of added hydration and can even help to stimulate the production of collagen. For many patients, the Hydrafacial is highly effective at reducing the appearance of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.


In the world of skincare facial treatment methods like microneedling are extremely popular and have become a favorite of many patients across NYC and beyond! According to the team at Spark Laser Center, considered the best medical spa Midtown has in practice, Microneedling is an innovative method that works by causing a series of controlled micro-injuries to the skin using thousands of fine needle punctures. When our skin is injured, the body will immediately send out a signal for it to repair itself through a process called the healing cascade.

The healing cascade works by stimulating the production of fresh new collagen. Collagen production changes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by resurfacing the skin. And as we age, according to the team at Spark, the best medical spa Midtown has to offer, collagen stores are often depleted. For the most effective collagen production, a needle must reach the inner action layer of the skin known as the dermis. Microneedling is highly versatile and even works for things like scalp treatment and hair restoration in many cases. Although microneedling for scalp treatment and hair restoration are only for those in the earliest stages of hair loss. Some of the main things microneedling can treat is the presence of wrinkles and fine lines, scarring, and much more.

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