Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Anti-Aging Skincare Tips for a Better Complexion

At Spark Laser Center, we pride ourselves in offering the best laser hair removal available in NYC today, but not only do we specialize in laser hair removal, but we have established ourselves as being one of the best New York aesthetics centers for anti-aging skincare. During our many years our practice has evolved immensely, and through hard working and making positive connections in the medical spa industry, we have grown into one of the top New York aesthetics centers for all aspects of skincare. Not only do we offer our patients, some of the best aesthetic skincare treatments available today, but we also believe in helping our patients to develop healthy, positive skincare habits that will help them better their skin moving forward. In this day and age skincare is a huge priority for men and women alike. And the New York aesthetics movement has seen many moving towards more youthful, contoured looks, showcasing the strength and virility of youth.

At Spark Laser Center we try to be on the cutting-edge of such movements, making sure to use the highest quality spa botanicals, serums, and skincare products available today. As we have progressed to become one of the top New York aesthetics skincare centers, our expert staff has devised a number of beneficial skincare tips and tricks to help patients alleviate the visible signs of aging.

· Avoid The Sun – In order to have clean, clear, youthful skin, sun protection is of key importance. At Spark Laser Center, we advise every one of our patients to avoid over-exposure to the sun, whether they may be in for laser hair removal, or a chemical peel. Although some sun is important, the sun also damages the skin, causing spots, discolorations, and dryness.

· Sun Protection – Make sure that when you are exposed to the sun, and UV rays, you wear an adequate sunscreen, of at least SPF 30 or higher. Also look for sunscreens containing zinc oxide, as they offer broad-spectrum UV protection.

· Manual Exfoliation – Daily exfoliation is a must when trying to keep your skin looking and feeling young. We prefer to use some combination of exfoliating creams, or cleansers, and an exfoliating brush. Electronic products like a Clarisonic Sonic Brush work well, as the electronic motor does much of the work, removing the older, dead layer of outer skin, and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to create soft, supple, fresh skin.

· Lipid Creams – Moisturizing is important, especially as we age. Go for thicker moisturizers with ingredients like ceramides, shea butter, and botanical oils rich in fatty acids. Anything that contains Hyaluronic Acid is also a huge plus!

· Eat GOOD Fats – As we said, good fats are in integral part of skincare. Foods rich in good fats help moisturize the skin, leaving it smoother, softer, more supple, and replenish that natural glow. Salmon, fatty fish, avocados, and almonds are just a few!

· Sleeping On Your Back – So many of our wrinkles come from the compression of our faces against our pillows at night, considering we sleep about 8 hours a night, every night, this can really add up over the years! Sleeping on your back can prevent certain wrinkles from forming, and oxygenate the face, letting it breath easy through the night.

· Vitamin C – As we age, we tend to develop hyperpigmentations and dark sun and age spots. Using a serum rich in vitamin C can help us fade these spots, as well as prevent future ones from developing!

· Antioxidants – Eating food rich in antioxidants, as well as using skincare products with antioxidants can help patients remove free radicals that damage and harm the skin. Some of the leading products in the New York aesthetics market are full of antioxidants! They can also help stimulate the production of vital skin saving compounds such as collagen and elastin, giving patients more soft, supple skin, that has that youthful “snap”, and elasticity.

If you are in need of any form of aesthetic Skincare Treatment or Laser Hair Removal NYC, be sure to contact Spark Laser Center today!