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Are you a man plagued with skin pigment lesions? Do you dread socializing with others because of blemishes on your skin? You don’t have to suffer any longer as Spark Laser Center offers a better and successful treatment for men suffering from skin pigment lesion – introducing laser pigmentation for men.

What Is Laser Pigmentation For Men?

Pigmentation lesions result from an excessive concentration of melanin, overexposure to sun, brown spots and age spots. Unique laser skin treatments offered by Spark Laser Center can work miracles on your skin, helping you regain your once flawless skin. This procedure varies from person to person with results depending on skin type.

While men of middle age mostly experience this problem, hyperpigmentation affects men of all ethnic groups. With the help of technology via laser, however, a pigmented lesion can disappear without surgery and/or major discomfort.

How Does Laser Pigmentation For Men Work?

The treatment process always starts with a consultation with our experts. They will determine if our clients are a good candidate for laser pigmentation removal. We will ask you several pertinent questions pertaining to your recent health history, which is necessary for ensuring zero contraindications for treatment. After that, Spark Laser Center consultants will talk to you through the treatment to help you avoid unwanted surprises.

Our Candela GentleMAX Pro laser removes pigmented lesions with a beam of light leaving behind lighter colored skin. With the help of this outpatient procedure, dark melanin pigment spots can be removed with ease. After this treatment, the spot becomes darker; there is no cause for worry because, within a few days, the darkened spots sheds away leaving flawless skin in its place.

It is imperative that one avoids sun exposure and keeps the treatment area covered with a non-adherent bandage. If scabbing occurs, avoid aggressively washing, scratching, shaving, or picking the affected area. You must allow it to heal on its own.

When Should You Get Laser Pigmentation For Men?

Men, who wish to get rid of flat pigmented birthmarks, age spots, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and freckles around their facial areas and bodies, can consider getting laser pigmentation treatments from Spark Laser Center.

Choose Spark Laser Center For Laser Pigmentation For Men

Spark Laser Center is a leading, private cosmetic laser spa that specializes in laser pigmentation removal for men. Our team utilizes the latest laser technology available and continually strives to offer our clients the best possible treatments. Since our inception, our highly trained certified laser specialists and licensed estheticians are experienced in treating pigmentation. Our company has also achieved a history of dedicated customer service; which is also an area we are constantly improving.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind that all of our services are very affordable. What’s more, our laser skin treatments are safe, effective, and FDA-approved. Spark Laser Center provides tailored treatment plans for all our clients and treats them in a cozy and confidential environment.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Spark Laser Center for laser pigmentation removal for men, do not hesitate to call 212-245-0940 or send an email to

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