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Laser Pigmentation for Women


Laser Pigmentation Removal
Skin discoloration, dark spots, freckles and age spots are caused by overproduction of melanin and melanin production in the skin is affected by the specialized cells, melanocytes. Sun exposure for extended periods of time can the production high levels of melanin, thus making your skin darker leading to the conditions mentioned.

Our Spark team has the easiest and the fastest way to rid blemishes caused by overexposure in the sun. Our advanced laser technology is guaranteed to perform wonders on your skin and help you get your flawless looks back!


Who is the Right Candidate?
If you struggle with pigment changes in the skin such as dark spots and age spots, then you are a candidate for laser.

The most common causes of increased pigmentation are freckles, melasma, and solar lentigos. Sun spots most commonly appear on areas that are exposed to the sun, such as the face, top of the hands and feet. All these disorders – brown spots, melasma, and freckles are successfully treated with the help of state of our FDA approved Laser. Remember, the amount of melanin differs from person to person, thus you are advised to book your initial appointment with the experts at Spark Laser Center which includes skin examination, diagnosis, and a tailor-made treatment regime.

Advantages of Laser Pigmentation Removal
Two vital functions are performed by the laser treatment:

  • Removal of existing pigmentation
  • Stopping the formation of fresh melanin on the treated area

The benefits of undergoing this treatment is that smoother, younger-looking and even toned skin will appear.

This Laser treatment can be used to treat arms, back, chest, shoulders and the back-side of the hand; however, it is most often used to treat the face.

Success Rate of Laser Pigmentation Treatment
Some people have termed the procedure as slightly uncomfortable; however, a majority of individuals have tolerated the treatment without any issues. To get optimal results, you will need to undergo between 1 to 3 treatment sessions with expectations around 60 -90% reduction in pigmentation on the treated areas.

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