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Are you tired of looking at your acne scars or facial wrinkles? If you want to improve the condition of your skin in these areas, you can consider laser resurfacing. This is an advanced form of nonsurgical skin rejuvenation. It can remove or reduce blemishes, various types of skin growths, facial scars, wrinkles, and more. All of these can be achieved without causing significant downtime and disruption for the patient. At Spark Laser Center, we specialize in laser resurfacing.

What Is Laser Resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing is a treatment designed to reduce the signs of acne scars, blemishes, facial wrinkles, and other skin irregularities. In most cases, the treatment involves directing short and concentrated pulsating beams of light at the area that needs to be treated. The laser removes the unwanted skin layer by layer.

There are other terms used to describe laser resurfacing. They include laser vaporization, laser peel, and Lasabrasion. This treatment is often performed by a physician or dermatologist.

How Does Laser Resurfacing Work?

Your laser resurfacing treatment specialist may recommend either non-ablative or ablative lasers. The first type of laser does not remove any skin layers. It also includes fractional lasers, pulsed-dye lasers, and pulsed light. Non-ablative lasers are often used to treat spider veins, rosacea, and other acne-related skin concerns. Ablative lasers, on the other hand, include Erbium or carbon dioxide (CO2). Both of them are designed to move the outside layers of the skin. Erbium reduces or removes wrinkles, finer lines, and other superficial skin concerns. CO2 laser resurfacing reduces or removes deep wrinkles, warts, and scars.
Laser resurfacing can be performed on the entire face or on small areas of skin. It can also be used in conjunction with other procedures such as scar removal, blepharoplasty, or a facelift. The time it takes for your skin to heal after a procedure depends on your current skin condition and on the depth of the laser treatment. You can expect to wait between two and 14 days. Patients may require more than one session. Each session may last a few minutes or up to an hour.

When Should You Get Laser Resurfacing?

You can consider getting laser resurfacing if you are suffering from non-responsive skin after a facelift, acne-caused shallow scars, or wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, around your mouth, or around your eyes.
You should not get laser resurfacing if you have very dark skin, active acne, or stretch marks. It is imperative that you discuss whether this technique is right for you by consulting a Spark Laser Center treatment specialist before the treatment is facilitated.

Choose Spark Laser Center For Laser Resurfacing

At Spark Laser Center, we are a private cosmetic laser spa for both men and women. We offer highly effective and FDA-approved laser skin treatments at the most competitive rates. Our treatment center utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology that is gentle on our patients’ skin. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that our laser solutions can treat all skin types and tones. Since our inception, we have an unwavering commitment to providing quality services.
Our team is comprised of certified laser specialists and licensed estheticians. They have completed received extensive training and have years of experience in laser treatments under their belt. When you choose us for your laser resurfacing needs, you can enjoy outstanding customer service and a tailored treatment plan via a confidential and cozy environment.
If you want to schedule an appointment with Spark Laser Center for laser resurfacing, do not hesitate to call 212-245-0940 or send an email to


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