Best Skin Clinic in New York

Best Skin Clinic in New York

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal? 

Ask anyone who has made the switch, and they will tell you – it’s impossible to go back once you have seen the benefits of laser hair removal! When compared to other methods like waxing, shaving, or electrolysis, there truly is no comparison. Using our laser hair removal technology, New York City experts at Spark Laser Center, are able to remove pesky, unwanted hairs from multiple areas of the body, faster and more efficiently than any other method of hair removal. When it comes to permanent hair reduction NYC clients can see results within only a few sessions of laser hair removal, and not have to worry about excess hair growth in between sessions, or the pain and discomfort that’s often associated with methods like waxing, shaving or electrolysis.

A More Permanent Solution for Hair Removal!

Long Lasting Results

One of the most common reasons our clients prefer laser hair removal is because of the long lasting results! According to the team at Spark, considered the best place for laser removal NYC has in practice, with laser hair removal there are no awkward, in-between hair growth phases. Unlike a treatment like waxing, where you must allow your hair to grow out to a certain length in between treatments, with laser hair removal, clients can shave in between treatments as needed – or book another session to see more semi-permanent to permanent results.

Less Upkeep

With laser hair removal and semi-permanent hair reduction NYC clients will generally require an initial series of treatments, spaced out every 4-6 weeks. However, unlike shaving or waxing, they will only require basic touch-up appointments to follow 2 to 3 times per year after! Waxing and shaving will often require a lot of upkeep each week.

Less Pain & Discomfort

If you have ever had a waxing appointment then you know – it is very painful and can leave patients with a lot of discomfort after! However, as New York’s best laser hair removal center, the team at Spark is able to ensure clients get the results they want, with less pain and discomfort and limited side effects, or downtime to follow. Using advanced laser hair removal technology New York City experts at Spark use specialized lasers with in-procedure cooling and other topicals that will leave clients satisfied and almost completely pain and discomfort free!

Save Time & Money!

On average, in New York City, women spend 1 to 2 hours per week on hair removal – whether it’s purchasing razors or booking wax appointments! However, using semi-permanent hair reduction NYC women can eliminate this waste of time and see continuous results making the switch to laser hair removal. And plus, over that time period, despite the higher up-front costs, laser hair removal ends up being much more cost effective than traditional hair removal options like waxing or shaving!


One thing patient’s love about laser hair removal is the fact that using our advanced laser technology, the team at Spark is able to remove unwanted hairs from all areas of the body – oftentimes areas that are difficult to accurately reach using a razor or waxing strips. Plus, it can remove the hair completely, without the need for messy wax, creams, gels and other substances.

Make the switch today! Contact Spark Laser Center today to book your initial consultation and find out why laser hair removal is the right choice for you!