And Hyperpigmentation

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Your skin was designed to be clear and even-toned.

Let’s face it, a few freckles on a twenty-something can be charming and endearing but for most individuals sun spots, skin discolorations, and hyperpigmentation only serve to detract from your natural beauty and can make you look years older than your age.

Discolorations usually occur when the skin has been exposed to trauma. Sun exposure, sunburn, acne, picking and popping pimples, and ingrown hairs are often the culprits but discolorations can arise from other issues as well, such as hormonal imbalances an environmental toxins.

Correcting skin discolorations can give you more confidence and help you look years younger. In addition to evening out your skin tone, Sparks advanced array of treatments smooth out textural irregularities providing you with the fresh, new, enlivened skin that looks and feels so good.

At Spark, we are experts at treating skin discolorations at their source, and we can restore your complexion to the silky, even-toned perfection it was originally designed to be.

Feel Good Naked

Skin discolorations can lead many women to hide under layers of concealer and foundation. For men, trying to cover-up pigmentation irregularities proves to be more challenging and downright futile. At Spark, we’ll help you “feel good naked,” with skin that is free and clear of discolorations and irregularities.

Experience a more liberated you with the expertise of Spark’s renowned service providers and cutting edge treatments. In addition to treating discolorations on the face and decollete, we can also even-out skin tones on the arms, hands, and back, providing you with an all over revitalized, and enlivened complexion.

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Brighten and Enliven Your Skin

The first and most important step to even out your skin tone and revel in a healthy complexion.

Say Goodbye

To Skin Discolorations

Beautiful Colors of The World Facial TM

At Spark, we are among the most highly respected experts in the care of all ethnic skin types. Our Beautiful Colors of The World Facial is custom designed to address the particular needs of your skin type and tone. During your treatment we address pigmentation irregularities, skin discolorations, and textural unevenness.

Discover the difference it makes when your skin is meticulously attended to by professionals who are experts in the science of skincare. Emerge from your treatment thoroughly rejuvenated and feeling utterly beautiful.

60 minutes / $ 295

Sparks Platinum Plus Hydrafacial

Spark’s Platinum Plus Hydrafacial takes deep clean, pigmentation treatment, and skin clarity to a whole new level of skin perfecting facials.

The unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system penetrates deep to exfoliate, extract impurities and hydrate the skin. A special blend of super powerful skin clarifying serums targets skin discolorations, pigmentation irregularities, and evens out the skin’s tone.

At Spark, we’ve put our own signature stamp on the Hydrafacial which serves to increase the efficacy of this treatment substantially. Emerge from your treatment with skin that looks positively radiant and vibrant.

75 minutes / $ 400
Oxygen Therapy for the Ultimate Skin Clarifying Boost
With Facial / $ 115

Sparks Dermaplaning Treatment

This exceptional treatment exfoliates the outer layer of skin to reveal fresher, newer skin beneath. Our special dermatome blade stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin providing youthful vibrancy now and in weeks to come.

Dermaplaning can be added to anyone of Spark’s outstanding facials to maximize anti-aging results.

Add To Facial / $ 105

Neck & Decollete Platinum Hdyra-bodyfacial

The neck and decollete are often the areas that shout out to the world one’s age. These delicate parts of the body are extremely vulnerable to sun-damage, stress, and environmental aging. At Spark, we’ve taken our coveted Platinum Hydrafacial and transformed it into the ultimate rejuvenation therapy for the neck and decollete.

This treatment can be performed at the same time as your facial or scheduled as a stand alone treatment. Whichever you choose, you’ll emerge from your session thoroughly revitalized.

60 minutes / $ 350

Target The Source

At Spark, we go deep below the surface to target skin discolorations at their source.

TCA Peel and Spark's Even Tone Facial TM

Delight your senses while you experience a technological leap forward in skin perfecting treatments. Spark’s TCA Peel and Even Tone Facial cleanses, nourishes, and sheds layers of dead skin to promote the production of new and healthier skin cells.

With each treatment, we remove several layers of discoloration and over the course of several treatments your skin becomes completely clear and even-toned.

45 minutes / $ 300

The VI Peel Skin Tone Perfecting

This powerful peel specifically targets skin discolorations and pigmentation irregularities. Penetrating and exfoliating millions of skin cells, the VI Peel kicks new cell production into high gear. You’ll see skin discolorations dramatically diminished, as your skin takes on a fresher and more vibrant glow.

An added bonus of this treatment is its ability to stimulate cellular regeneration and boost collagen production.

45 minutes / $ 450

New and Fresh Skin Cells

Deep Work for Dramatic Results.

Laser Pigmentation Treatment

At Spark, our laser treatments are designed to completely eradicate sun-spots, age-spots, and skin discolorations. With concentrated focus, our expertly skilled technicians zero-in to penetrate deep below the surface and target the root of skin discolorations.

Skin will be red following your treatment and will flake off within 7 to 10 days to reveal the new, evenly toned skin beneath. Depending upon the type and quantity of skin discoloration, Laser treatments may be performed as a stand alone treatment or in rotation with chemical peels for optimal results.

Face / $ 475
Decollete / $ 400
Back / $ 495
Arms / $ 450
Hands / $ 375

Microneedling and Rhapsody Facial

In recent years, microneedling has become a very hot, hip way to improve the skin’s appearance. While many spas and physicians offer microneedling, very few compare to the expertise and results achieved at Spark.

Your treatment begins with a thorough and relaxing cleansing of the area being treated. A numbing cream is then applied, and allowed 30 minutes to take effect.

Once your skin is numbed, your aesthetician will apply a new, sterilized needle head to the tip of the microneedling instrument. The needle depth and thickness are carefully selected to ensure the most desired results.

The skin will bleed during the treatment as the needles produce micro-wounds on the surface of the skin. A sterilized, gauze pad is used to clean the skin throughout your treatment. Specially formulated serums are also applied to deeply nourish, and hydrate your skin.

Following treatment, your skin will be red for a few days. The micro-wounds are invisible and clients typically return to work and resume their regular activities the same day.

The full results of your treatment are seen within 3-5 weeks as new collagen and elastin are formed.

60 minutes / $ 595

So Much More

Spark offers a wide variety of advanced anti-aging treatments as well as special packages and special skin care program savings.

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