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Spark Laser Center specializes in non-invasive full body laser hair removal procedures and skin renewal services for both men and women. We offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal performed by licensed estheticians and professionals. Our ultimate goal is to please our customers by producing their desired results and we provide a level of quality service unequaled elsewhere. As new technology and procedures evolve, we will evaluate them by tediously assessing them for safety, reliability and results. Our innovations here at Spark Laser are unmatched in the industry.



Do you struggle with removing unwanted hairs? Are you looking for an alternative way to avoid shaving, waxing, sugaring and tweezing? Well, here’s a fast growing non-evasive cosmetic procedure – Laser Hair Removal. At Spark Laser Center, experienced professionals use Candela GentleMax, an innovative laser technology approved for permanent hair reduction both for men and women. This technology is approved to perform multiple types of treatment both effectively and affordably. Hair removal technique doesn’t need to be challenging and you can get silky smooth skin in an easy manner. Millions of people have undergone laser hair removal treatments. Discover the benefits and enjoy the freedom that comes with Laser Hair Reduction Treatment.



Veins are blood vessels carrying impure blood from various organs toward the heart while acting as storage vessels for unused blood. Sometimes, when veins are unable to circulate the blood properly, they bulge with blood. These visible red or purple colored veins known as spider veins can be more commonly seen in thighs, legs or sometimes on the face. This condition is followed by aching, pain, leg heaviness, and itching. Experts at Sparkle Laser Center, New York use GentleMax laser system to treat the spider veins as this is an effective, safe and almost painless method to treat the disorder. There is a little downtime after the laser treatment; however, make sure to keep the area protected from sun exposure.



Has your age been showing its effects on your face lately? Do you think too much sun exposure has left your face with wrinkles, blotches, scars or lines? If you are suffering from this situation, laser skin rejuvenation may help your skin look healthier and younger.
Laser skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing, as it is alternatively called, helps to remove skin, layer by layer, making way for new skin cells. The new cells formed during the healing process gives tighter, younger looking skin. You can choose to undergo this procedure alone or in combination with other cosmetic surgeries. Laser skin rejuvenation is one of the best treatments available in the market that help people achieve younger looking skin.



Melanin, produced by specialized cells called melanocytes determines the color of your skin. More than 150 various genes are responsible for determining and affecting the skin’s color, directly or indirectly. Therefore, there is not much a person can do about the natural pigmentation of the skin. However, in certain conditions, the melanin production goes awry and produce too little or too much of this complex polymer. Thus causes skin pigmentation disorders which make the skin appear darker or lighter than normal. There are other reasons that cause the cells to produce a high amount of melanin thus affecting a person’s appearance. Sun damage promotes fine telangiectasia and brown spots which affect a person’s appearance as well as his confidence. This is when experts at Spark Laser Center are can help you treat underlying problem with their state of the art Candella Laser.



Have you been experiencing dull skin? Do you want your skin glow again? Skin acts as a mirror that reflects our health condition. However, as we age, it becomes difficult to remove dead skin cells which cause the skin to appear dull and lifeless. A large number of people try numerous methods to achieve clean and clear skin, but in vain. This is when a dermatological approved medical method of skin peeling can help you achieve the results.

Chemical peeling of the skin helps remove the upper layer of the skin in specific intervals thus makes the skin glow. This remedy helps patient suffering from different skin diseases; however, it does not have an effect on the scars once formed due to pimples, acne, etc.




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