Semi-Permanent Hair Removal NYC

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal NYC

Laser Hair Removal a Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Solution

If you’re looking for the best laser hair removal NYC has to offer you may end up overwhelmed by options. However, one name has been in the industry longer than most and has been providing clients with some of the best service available in NYC, is Spark Laser Center located on 57th street between 6th and 7th avenues in New York City. Their amazing work, and wonderful customer service has been heralded for years now, and they also offer competitive prices and specials whenever they can. The experts at Spark Laser Center, know even the best laser hair removal NYC has to offer isn’t permanent. As most clients understand this fact, many practices tend to preach the permanency of laser hair removal, when in fact it’s a bit more complicated.

Laser hair removal has been a constantly growing industry since it began, as it saves men and women time, and means they don’t have to deal with annoying regrowth and silly things like hot wax or itching from improper shaving. Hair growth cycles are hard to keep track of, and hair in different parts of the body grows differently depending upon your past hair removal history as well as your race, gender, and overall genetics. With laser hair removal one of the biggest issues is the smaller, lighter hairs, similar to peach-fuzz. Because they are so light, the lasers simply may not notice them. Even the best laser hair removal NYC has to offer, can have difficulty finding those lighter hairs as lasers are made to track color differences (essentially the reason laser hair removal for darker shades of skin can be so difficult). So for areas with mostly coarse, dark hairs such as the bikini area, laser hair removal is much more effective. However, this may not be the case with lighter, soft hairs around a woman’s sideburn area per say. So for an area like this, laser hair removal may not be as effective. Of course, as technology gets better the lasers work that much better, clients rarely complain about these types of issues at reputable practices like Spark Laser Center. 

The biggest issue that affects even the best laser hair removal NYC has in practice, is the hair growth cycle. In most cases after a client’s first treatment, depending upon the areas, they may be hair free for months, to even a year. But in other neighboring areas of the body the hair growth cycle may be different, and the hair may come back much sooner. The truth about laser hair removal is that in can be permanent, but it will almost always take a number of treatments. After each treatment, depending upon the laser used, and the area, the root of the hair follicle undergoes a certain amount of destruction. And after each successive treatment that hair follicle will become smaller and smaller and take longer and longer to come back. After repeated treatments the hair follicle can be destroyed completely, and the hair may never return in that area for the patient’s entire lifetime! However, as we said this is highly dependent upon the area, and the strength of the hair follicles in that area. For the best laser hair removal NYC has to offer we recommend visiting Spark Laser Center today. Schedule your consultation with Spark Laser Center today and find out more information about the best methods to permanently remove your hair, no matter the area.